What I do and Who I do it for?

“In our fast paced work lives we often forget that our work performace is governed by our minds and bodies... and quite often we neglect both!”My name is David Tsang, I was a founder and Chief Information Officer of one of the worlds largest IT companies. I am now a professional consultant and non-executive director helping shape the lives of organisations and their staff from the inside out.

I have helped directors form long term exit strategies and help start-ups gain traction and secure funding. I have calmed warring boardrooms and helped lobby governments. If you need to transform your company or expand into new markets, call me. I can help.

What do you want to Achieve ?

Staff Performance

From pay to KPI's what drives and motivates your staff. Do you know?

Target Attainment

The art of hitting a target is knowing what to aim for! Know your real target.

Leadership Mentoring

Not all are born leaders, some need a little help and guidence.


VC, Bank or Angel Funding. Don't get eaten by a dragon.

Meeting Facilitation

An external veiwpoint can sometimes help you see the obstacles.

Exit Strategies

Merger, flotation or leadership succession. What's your plan?